Starters 1/2 Ration Ration

Iberian ham (acorn-fed)

100 grs. Of Iberian ham 100%

15,00€ 22,00€
Dried meat from León with virgin olive oil and black pepper 10,00€ 15,00€
Bread with tomato and olive oil 4,50€
Manchego sheep cheese cured 9,00€ 12,00€

Cabrales cheese

From Dairy of José Bada Herrero. Cabrales

Mixed Asturian cheeses and quince 16,00€


 Something more than starters Ration
Sea urchins stuffed with apple and cod au gratin with anchovy mousse


Cod croquettes, cream pisto and pil-pil 12,00€
Scrambled eggs  with Iberian ham


Foie-Gras with poached egg, candied potatoes and bitter orange sauce 12,00€
Potato tortilla 12,00€
Squid with onions and its ink 14,00€
Crispy prawns in sweet sauce of radishes 16,00€
Fresh squid fried with alioli from their ink 16,00€
Beef Carpaccio - Marinated and cured as always done in La Vizcaina 13,50€


Vegetables Ration

Mixed salad

Mixture of lettuce sprouts, spring onion, homemade canned tuna, egg, asparagus, tomato, Italian dried tomatoes and pickles


Salad "La Vizcaína"

Mixture of lettuce sprouts, sea delicacies and black garlic oil

Sautéed seasonal vegetables, Camembert cheese and truffle oil 12,00€
Rice Ration
Black rice with squid in ink and alioli 14,00€
Creamy rice with squid and Parmesan cheese cookie 14,00€
Rice with farm chicken from Grandas de Salime and fried peppers


Award Finalist of " The Best Fabada in the World 2017"

Fabada Asturiana (stew of beans, sausage, bacon and pork chop)  

We cook every weekend; Week day on request




Asturguesa®of Ox

240 grams. of authentic beef raised in Asturias, chopped here and marinated by our style


Waghu beef tenderloin

400 grs. of  Waghu beef from raised in Asturias
Garnish: sweet piquillo cream and Spanish potato.

Leg of suckling pig confit at low temperature and potato garnish 19,00€
Jarrete of Asturian veal with its cane and onion-caramel sauce 16,00€
Our homemade veal tripe in the style of Loli. 15,00€


Cod - Specialty
Cod "La Vizcaína" (special sauce with tomato and pepper) 19,00€
Cod with squid and pil-pil of squid ink 19,00€
Grilled cod with caramelized onions and piquillo peppers 19,00€
Warm mound of cod flakes garnished with pickled vegetables and anchovy mayonnaise 19,00€


More Fish and Seafood
Octopus Roasted at low-temperature with potato cream and paprika oil 19,00€
Scallops roasted over warm roasted peppers and lemon muslin 18,00€

Crunchy almond tiles 5,00€
Creamy black chocolate and nuts with Madagascar vanilla ice cream 5,00€
Nougat ice cream with chocolate sauce and toasted almonds 5,00€
Cheesecake of Grandma with  cookie and quince cream 5,00€
Rice pudding 5,00€
Traditional Tiramisu 5,00€
Crunchy bag of apple tart Tatin and its ice cream 5,00€

                                                                                                     Bread          1,30€/pax

                                                                                                             10% VAT included

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